Tom Hiddleston + Awards

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I present to you: the level of Jared’s jokes when he’s slightly drunk

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catching fire + hands

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Anyway, don’t let me keep you. Good luck with it.

Thank you, miss. And er, thank you for the permission. Not many people are that considerate.

Lesson one: even your minor characters can have personalities. They’re not just there to be punch lines.

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"Well, if I could imagine [my perfect day], I’d be able to wake up… and my alarm wouldn’t go off. And I would wake up really late! I could go on a walk. And I wouldn’t wear a hat, wouldn’t wear sunglasses. And I could walk, and make eye contact with whoever I wanted, and smile, and get my own coffee."

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Miss Mary Morstan

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Favorite Public Appearances of 2013: Jenna Coleman

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The interviewer is so brutally uncomfortable


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