Benedict Cumberbatch and Amanda Abbington speak onstage during the ‘Masterpiece/Sherlock, Season 3’ panel discussion at the 2014 Winter Television Critics Association tour.

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"Sometimes if I have nothing to do that day, I just won’t wear pants.”

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that moment when dean had a full on panic attack

He didn’t have panic attacks at any other point. This is the one. He freaked out sometimes, but literally the only thing that can send Dean Winchester into a panic attack is his Baby being missing.

The Impala is Dean’s home, his only home. This is like walking down your street and finding that your house has burned down.

Yeah, and Dean’s already experienced THAT trauma too.

At least this time he didn’t stop TALKING…

"… while the storm screamed outside."

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"Gravity’s working for us."

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I want to tell you this story without having to say that I ran out into the street

                                           to prove something, that he chased after me

            and threw me into the gravel.

And he knew it wasn’t going to be okay, and he told me 

                                                                         it wasn’t going to be okay.

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The Magic Begins

→6. Most powerful quote/favourite lines

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I always kind of felt that I had a villain in me.

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doctor who 4 items

nine [x]

ten [x]

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Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch at the 25th annual Producers Guild of America (x)

Martin Freeman for Russian Glamour (x)

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Jo + her books

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All her nights were full of song, and by day she prayed for silence.

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